Unlock and scale your SPIFF dealer program

Revenue ReVerb is a sales generation platform that incentivizes and rewards the people who know and love your products to drive more sales – Online and in-person retail.

Reverb SPIFF software on laptop


The completely customizable, automated retail sales SPIFF management platform

  • Drive more sales through your existing retail network
  • Incentivize new retail associates to recommend your products
  • Streamline back-office workflow & reward fulfillment
  • Keep your sales network engaged with mobile-friendly emails and text
  • Gain powerful insights into advocate-driven sales performance


Referal ReVerb

A completely customizable single or multi-level engagement platform that turns everyone who loves your brand into an influencer who drives sales – online and off.

  • Enable your existing customers to refer their friends to your products, and reward them for it. Incentivize and reward referrals from your customers, advocates, and influencers with a commission, discounts, credit towards product, or custom items.
  • Run separate programs for professional organizations, retail partners and consumers.
  • Only pay for the referral when it results in a sale, and guarantee that every dollar spent is profitable.
  • Leverage a 24×7 sales force, which already loves your products, and which gets bigger(and more passionate) with every purchase.

You’ve been under-utilizing your best sales people

Your customers love you. Isn’t it time that you show the love back?

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